Finally go to see sadtiva today!!! I’m so happy I got to hangout w you bc I missed you v much. I hope you liked the lil gift I gave ya!

This lil cutie is the best!!!

it hurt mi thing



Tell me why this made me chuckle
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To: Mary Rosenberg,

Why do you wanna text/dm her? Because she’s a feminist/realist that I followed on ig from a party. Initially thought she would follow back and now that I realize she wouldn’t I’m realiZing that I look up to her or that she’s an inspiration to both me and her followers. bc she acts really real now. I don’t want her to follow me back but I just wanna let her know for her to keep doing what she’s doing. She helped/could be helping to find my voice


Kevin Trageser
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André Martins de Barros ~ “Popeye”
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